Cops 'n Dopers

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Cops 'N Dopers (A People's Guide to the 4th Amendment or How to Avoid a Bust!)

High Times magazine cover September 2000: Cops and Dopers looks like a coloring book, or maybe one of those "travel fun" books you played with in the car on long trips as a kid just prior to throwing up.

You won't get sick when you read Cops and Dopers, but your stomach may tighten a bit. Because by reading this cleverly designed guide to understanding your Fourth Amendment rights, you'll realize that ignorance of your rights could spell dire consequences.

Cops and Dopers thoroughly covers your right to privacy. The book is laid out as a game, with rules that cover the boundaries of search laws, consent laws, reasonable suspicion and probable cause to search your house or car.

But, it's a game for grown-ups. Find out what rights nosy cops have. Know when to refuse illegal requests. It's your car; it's your house. Demand your right to privacy.

All the information is right up-to-the-minute stuff. There's even a section on helicopter flyovers. More than anything else, the author, Andrew Von Sonn, wants the players to recognize that this game is deadly real, and asks readers to "Wake up and get high on freedom!"

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Cops 'N Dopers