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Cops 'N Dopers (A People's Guide to the 4th Amendment or How to Avoid a Bust!) was written and illustrated by Andrew Von Sonn and published by Mayflower Unlimited.

Mayflower Unlimited is a publishing company devoted to freedom. We publish articles, books, cartoons, post cards, and t-shirts designed to inform, entertain, and inspire.

Andrew Von Sonn (November 5, 1940 - October 9, 2015) was a lawyer, writer, cartoonist, musician, and father based on the north shore of Maui in the Hawaiian Islands. He graduated UCLA School of Law in 1970 and was licensed to practice law in California and Hawaii. In 1964, he was a starting linebacker for the Los Angeles Rams in the National Football League.

Cops 'N Dopers was published in 1977 and updated in 2000. It's written in English and Spanish side-by-side, page to page. It's fun, informative, and has some really cool art. Know your rights!

NOTE: Cops 'N Dopers is not available at this time. Contact us to be notified when it is available.

Cops 'N Dopers