Cops 'n Dopers

Cops 'N Dopers front cover

Cops 'N Dopers

A People's Guide to the 4th Amendment or How to Avoid a Bust!
by Andrew Von Sonn, J.D.

How to Avoid a Bust! Marijuana legislation in a comic book format written in both English and Spanish.

The 4th Amendment of the U.S. Constitution! Know your rights. Our individual and collective liberty depends on it.

Cops 'N Dopers, published in 1977 and updated in 2000, was written and illustrated by Andrew Von Sonn and published by Mayflower Unlimited, a publishing company devoted to freedom.

That was before 9/11 and, hence, before the Patriot Act.

The Patriot Act has changed the rules. It's a blueprint for oppression that invades our liberty. ("Patriot Act" - George Orwell, author of the book, 1984, would love that name.)

Use of the Patriot Act means that, depending on your circumstances, the rules in Cops 'N Dopers may not apply.

Pretty vague, heh? So, in view of this, why should you read Cops 'N Dopers?

Here's why: Because Cops 'N Dopers will help you to understand how the game is supposed to function and provides some usable rules to protect yourself.

Favorable reviews of Cops 'N Dopers were published by Playboy and High Times (read the High Times review here).

Cops 'N Dopers is written in English and Spanish, side-by-side. It's fun, informative, and has some really cool art.

NOTE: Cops 'N Dopers is not available at this time. Contact us to be notified of its availability.

Know your rights!  Wake up and get high on freedom!

Cops 'N Dopers